About Your Advisor

Joe graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario with a degree as a Construction Engineering Technician and has experience in this field. Rounding his business background, Joe spent many years in sales for restaurant equipment, builders of restaurant, and custom homes, and so his eventual gravitation to his real estate practice was a natural one.

Joes’ background in sales and business enabled him to quickly develop a significant client base when he became licensed in the real estate industry in 2007. His inherent understanding of building requirements and his natural listening and assessing skills enabled him to help his clients no matter what type of property they wanted to sell or invest in. He prides himself in leaving no stone unturned when marketing his client’s properties or finding that perfect dream home.

Joe has many hobbies and he also loves to travel to Victoria B.C. to visit his daughter and family, and onto Australia where his son and family now reside.