About Your Advisor

Thirty-five years as a real estate professional, John is known for his candid, straight-forward approach to his business and life in general.

John’s reputation is that of a well-informed, trustworthy and skilled professional and his successful real estate practice is the product of years of working with a broad variety of interesting and often remarkable people from all over the world. Building on his significant travels, his varied work experience and a diverse circle of friends, John has developed a clientele ranging from the affluently mobile to those contentedly rooted in the South Shore.

As a former broker once noted, “John deals as easily and effectively with some big corporation from Switzerland or the Sunbelt as with someone he’s rubbed shoulders with for years around Lunenburg”. Over his career, John has had the pleasure of selling islands, historic homes, building lots and businesses and he remains passionate about advising clients who are making lifestyle changes. 

John grew up and was schooled in Lunenburg, graduated from Acadia University with a degree in math, traveled and enjoyed a varied career working in various boatyards and construction sites until becoming a licensed REALTOR® in 1985. 

John is the proud father of four adult children, a community volunteer, an avid fly fisherman and holds a second-degree black belt in Aikido.  For him, these words ring true… “Be of service, always”.