About Your Advisor

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, after leaving McGill University, Michael set new roots in Montreal, the city that had first left him awestruck as a child visiting the iconic world fair, Expo 67. Michael began his work career as a young adult trained in commercial and merchandising design at one of the last great Canadian department stores, Ogilvy's of Montreal. A love for the decorative arts lead to his eventual apprenticeship in antique restoration where he practiced his trade as the owner of an antique shop in the heart of Westmount, Quebec, specializing in Canadiana.

After having lived in Montreal for over twenty years, as is so common with those born in the Atlantic Provinces, the pull of the east coast drew Michael back to his roots where he began his career in real estate in 2003.  Michael's ancestral roots in Nova Scotia go back to 1606. He is also descendant from a Swiss agent for the British Crown given the task of recruiting German emigrants in the mid 1700's to Lunenburg County, the county that he now calls home. 

Michael’s sales experience runs the range from early 18th century capes, through a classic 1950's ranch, to the dynamic modern designs of MacKay-Lyons. In what is sometimes an IT-driven world, Michael is a traditionalist who loves and believes in his product. He has a broad sales experience along the coastal towns and villages of both Queens and Lunenburg Counties.

Michael understands and appreciates the lure and challenges of returning to the 'parent country' and especially looks forward to assisting those new to the province seeking to make their own history in one of the most beautiful parts of this Earth.  His professionalism, and respect for his clients extends to everything he does, and community is his anchor.