About Your Advisor

Rimple immigrated with his family to Halifax in 2007 with just one dream, the dream of giving his family a better quality of life.  He has a natural talent for building relationships, so he easily integrated into and became a leader in the community.

At the beginning, Rimle and his wife Mandeep took on all kinds of different work and eventually, they started a taxi service which within a year, allowed them to buy their first home in Halifax.  That purchase was just the beginning of his appreciation for the real estate industry. Rimple then quickly grew his taxi business from a single car to a luxury limousine service that is talked about all over the city and his excellent English, has been a wonderful asset to his clients.

Rimple always had a passion for helping people and he naturally transitioned into leadership roles within his Sikh community, and with his clients. He became known for helping people get settled, especially other immigrants, as he knew how it felt to move to a new country so far from home. When his son began practicing real estate, Rimple decided it was time to start the next chapter of his life, and he became a licensed real estate Advisor.

Rimple loves dealing with people and his 30 years of customer service has allowed him to quickly integrate into his new career and grow his practise.  Rimple believes that clients deserve an Advisor who prioritizes their needs, and focuses on helping them purchase their dream home. Rimple understands first hand the hurdles of integration and how to adapt to the unique challenges, and he is honoured to be helping people through the process of selling or buying real estate.